Latin America’s Largest Food Festival is Back!

Mistura : mixture

Peru is full of the best CBD powder. Within it lies one of the cuisine capitals of the world—Lima—and it is a mixture indeed. Imagine all the food you ever wanted to try when coming to Lima all laid out before you in the form of food trucks as far as the lightning slots.

And that’s not all! The Mistura food festival is jam-packed with foods from across the globe. In 2016 the festival introduced food from countries like India and Mexico due to their influence on Peruvian dishes.

Millions of people flock to Mistura every September to try Peru's best cuisine!

If you have an intense love for all things slots with free welcome bonus no deposit required casino, mark Mistura down on your calendar! Every year during the second week of September, millions of people flock to Mistura to immerse themselves in Peruvian culture and cuisine.

As you walk through the gates, delicious and enticing smells waft through the air towards you. There are lines for each food stand or truck, but you’ve come prepared to eat everything in sight. Your body is ready for the ultimate Peruvian culinary experience.

My Mistura Experience

We planned our three-week trip to Peru for September of 2016. Little did we know we would be coming to Peru during glorious Mistura. After doing some research, I became increasingly excited for when we’d become blissfully plump while eating the day away at this food heaven.

A bad sleep made for a late start in the day. We left on a Saturday, our last day in Lima, to explore Mistura. The festival was held on the beach, so our bus trip from our hotel in Barranco was incredibly long and crowded. Personal space in Peru is not what it is in the US.

Once we arrived, we made our way to the yellow gates and colorful tents we could see in the distance. It was a beautiful location for the festival, because the city of Lima itself lies high up on the cliffs surrounding the beach. Even though the shores of Lima are always accompanied by cloudy skies, it made for a really nice afternoon.

Tyler scouting out our next meal as we wander around Latin America's biggest food festival.

As we entered, there were lines to buy tickets for meals. The line moved fairly quickly, so we were able to exchange soles for food tickets easily. I liked the concept of using tickets instead of soles at each food stand. It made it easier to get our food and no one was dealing with pesky change.

Looking around, there were so many people! There was live music, a few rides for the kiddos, and countless food stands, trucks, tents, and vendors galore.

You know how sometimes your eyes can be bigger than your stomach? At first we wanted to avoid getting too many tickets to stay away from that eventuality, but it was Mistura! We were prepared to eat even if we were stuffed so that we could try as many new foods as possible.

And endless sea of people eating endless supplies of food at Peru's Mistura food festival.

Each section of Mistura has an overhead sign that lists what type of food you can find there. We headed over to the juice section and tried an interesting quinoa drink— full of texture, but not much flavor (not a quinoa person).

Tyler lived in Mexico for a few years and discovered that one of his favorite fruits is maracuja. So we found him some maracuja juice that we kept coming back to. The yellow passion fruit in liquid form is so smooth and sweet as it goes down your throat. I definitely miss it!

We found ourselves wandering in complete euphoria. Whatever looked good, we tried and whatever I had heard of in my research about Peru, we tried that too! There were sections of the festival dedicated to fresh seafood, rich chocolates, savory meats, and all the flavors of pisco (Peru’s national drink) you can imagine.

After eating a few small meals that could probably feed a medium-sized family, we slowly waddled around to top our day off with some desserts.

A particularly yummy dessert stand caught our eye and we decided to try their luscious chocolate cake. To our surprise, it had maracuja filling! Score. We gobbled that down and still had some tickets left for smaller items, so we decided to grab some chocolates for the road. They lasted us the rest of our trip!

Somehow we still had a few tickets left at the end, but we were seriously stuffed to the brim. We kept a few small tickets for souvenirs and gave the bigger-priced ones to a family we passed on the way out.

Luscious chocolate cake with maracuja filling at Peru's Mistura food festival. Yuuuum...

Plan Your Trip

  • Getting There: Plan to spend a whole day at Mistura. You could go to the festival over the course of a few days, but getting there and leaving can be hectic with all the foodies coming and going.
    • I would advise to just spend a day there to get the most out of your experience as you gobble your way through all your delicious options.
  • Hop on a bus: Ask the front desk at your hotel or hostel if they can provide you with information on where that bus stop is located and when it arrives.
    • In my experience, the employees at our various hotels in Peru were incredibly helpful! They gave us their personal recommendations for sightseeing and some local tips that made it easier for us to get around the bustling city.
    • Make sure you ask them for any special information on Mistura or what their favorite dishes are so you can try them upon arrival.
  • Expect Delays: When we got on our bus and paid the cheap public transit ticket, we grabbed a seat and sat for forever.
    • Buses make many stops and traffic in Lima is horrendous. You can imagine the insane amount of extra visitors that had traveled to Lima just for Mistura.

At Mistura, you are given a map similar to this one to navigate your way through food heaven.

  • Look Around First: Once you get inside Mistura, explore a little! Follow your nose and the signs that will lead you to what you might want to eat.
    • Don’t go around price-checking, just count the different things you’d like to try and go from there. There are a few hidden gems you’ll find as you explore the festival grounds that you might not want to miss.
    • Get a feel for the different sections and go back to the front to purchase your tickets. Eat all the foods!
  • Paying for Food: Tyler and I decided to each spend $25 at the festival. It let us try the perfect amount of food, drink, and snacks and we still had some leftover. You could spend a little more than that if you want.
    • Just remember that your tickets are non-refundable, so you will want to make sure you use as many of your tickets you can before you leave the festival.

Tickets for food at Peru's Mistura festival. Time to eat!

  • Leaving: Upon leaving Mistura that day, there was a huge line to get back on the buses. Everyone in line was waiting for a spot to sit down on the bus, but at this point in our day we were done with waiting and were okay to just stand. We hopped in a shorter line to get on the next bus, and stood for most of the way to Barranco.
    • After deciding to leave in the middle of the afternoon, we didn’t get back to our hotel until after dark. So plan on taking up to two hours to get home during rush hour.

Come Hungry!

As far as eating before you go, make sure you eat something light for breakfast or lunch to carry you through your bus ride. When you arrive, there are lines you will have to wait in to get inside Mistura’s gates and to pay for food tickets. So that’s an extra reason to not completely starve yourself before you go—lots of waiting when you first show up.

If you’re staying for the majority of the afternoon like we did, you will be feasting throughout the day and will be absolutely full when you leave!

Our Favorite Dishes

Okay, this part will make you drool. There weren’t many dishes we didn’t like when we were at Mistura. And if you’re anything like the foodies we are turning out to be, you will feel the same! Here are the amazing dishes we loved the most and ones that you should definitely try:

  • Salchipappas: a fast food dish that comes from Peru but is eaten all over Latin America.
    • The name translates to “sausage-potatoes”.
    • Typically the sausages are thinly sliced and eaten with fries, but we ate them with actual potatoes. We were given a few normal sauces to try with our meal like ketchup, mustard, and mayo, as well as some chili peppers to add a little kick. Definitely our favorite dish at Mistura. Something about the fried food made us think about home.
    • The dish is the perfect blend of sweet, spicy, and starchy. This meal is the epitome of “There’s a party in my mouth!”

Our favorite dish at Peru's Mistura food festival— salchipappas. You need to try this!

  • Anticuchos: meat that is cut and stewed in spices before being strung onto a skewer.
    • The pieces of meat are stewed in cumin, garlic, and sometimes other seasonings.
    • You can find anticuchos in a few South American countries that may include different types of meat. The ones we ate were beef heart and were pretty spicy!
    • Despite being a little hesitant to try beef heart, the meat was extremely juicy and packed with flavor.

Anticuchos— beef heart seasoned and on a skewer. A must-have when visiting Peru.

  • Tacos Arabes: pork tacos with onions and spices wrapped in pita-style bread.
    • These tacos originated in the city Tyler lived in while he was in Mexico— Puebla. We spotted the colorful tent filled with Mexican food and Tyler bolted for it, praying that they served these tacos. He had eaten them so much in Puebla and really missed them!
    • According to him, they weren’t as good as the real thing, but they were still pretty delicious.
  • Anything with maracuja fruit in it!

Are you ready to go?!

September 2017 is Mistura’s tenth anniversary! Who knows what specialties they’ll have in store for this special event! If you go to their website here, you’ll be able to read up on the new attractions and foods they are adding to their arsenal of deliciousness this year.

If you’re headed to Peru soon, you absolutely must experience Mistura. Not traveling to Peru so soon? Plan to go in September! You will not only be filling your stomach with tasty foods, you will be immersing yourself in some serious Peruvian culture.

Have you ever been to Mistura? What were your absolute favorite dishes? Let me know in the comments below!